Educational Research in the Internet Age

20 years ago, Lisa Bendixen and I wrote an article for the American Educational Research Association’s journal Educational Researcher entitled Educational Research in the Internet Age. The article reflected the concerns of a lot of educators at the time regarding the impact of this new tool, the World Wide Web. The article has been cited 371 times as of today.

In this paper, we reviewed the import of individual characteristics when investigating the impact of the Internet. Prior research had provided ample evidence that, for example, learners self-regulatory skills are critical to student success. It was reasonable to believe these skills would also be critical, if not more critical, in the new learning environments that were quickly taking hold in classrooms.

Similar questions can now be asked regarding the ubiquitous smartphone. Lisa and I are now looking how these individual characteristics are reflected in the use (and non-use) of the smartphone. Results forthcoming . . .