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Final Project Requirements Posted

Please check out the Final Project requirements. Let me know if you have any questions by posting to the discussion. The requirements are very flexible in the hopes that you will develop something you can use after the course.

Javascript Basics Assignment

  1. Remember to change your JSFiddle 'Framework' (top left) from onLoad to no wrap (head).
  2. use document.write in place of console.log
  3. include a screen shot of your progress page with your artifact (see me example).

CodeAcademy screen shot

Important Notes

  1. Please try to stay up with the schedule. The course is designed to have everyone be at about the same point in the class.
  2. Similarly, don't get too far ahead. I try to update each module just before the week begins.
  3. Write your own code. Do not simply copy and paste from other sources. You will learn the languages much better if you start from scratch.

Week 1 Complete

Hello All

I just completed grading the week 1 assignment. Your grades page should now be up to date. Please visit your page to insure that you can access the page since I changed permissions.

Also, please take a moment to visit the pages of your peers. Leave a comment or two to help make some connections.

Kendall Hartley 01/30/2013 - 11:27

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